Bi-Fold Sliding Doors - Beckenham & Hayes

Sliding Doors (also known as bi-fold or Concertina Doors) open wider than conventional doors such as patio or french doors allowing more natural light into your living space and a lend a feeling of proximity to the great outdoors within the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Internal or External Bi-Fold Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors can be used externally or internally to divide or partition a room with a door system that can quickly and easily be swept away in seconds. Our leading sliding-door system eliminates the need for sliding posts offering unrivalled sight lines.

Fully Customisable

Our door systems are fully customisable to meet your exact requirements. Choose from Aluminum, u-PVC, or a Timber finish and in a wide range of colurs, double or triple rail systems (for additional performance improvement), inward/outward or left/right opening door systems.

Our bi-folding door systems provide the same thermal insulation advantages and security features that are to be found on all of our other windows and doors meaning you don't have to compromise when choosing a bi-fold sliding door. Further our doors are manufactured in accordance with industry rules and standards for extra piece of mind.

If you're looking for a reliable and trouble-free door system that will delight for years to come then we have a tailor-made solution for you.