Mirrored Splash-Back Glass - Beckenham & Hayes

Make your bathroom or kitchen both a feature and talking point wIth Splash-back Mirrored Glass. It's an ideal choice if you want to add a clean, modern and stylish touch to your home or business.

Versatile Applications

Splash-back mirrored glass is toughened during the manufacture process and as a result it is suitable for many applications. In a kitchen it can be used an alternative to tiles or as a work-top surface. In a bathroom it can again be used an an alternative to tiles in order to add a modern touch.

Vibrant True Colours

Tradition glass tends to offer a weak and tainted wash to coloured glass. Mirrored Splash-Back Glass reproduces any colour, offering a faithful and vibrant colour representation. A wide selection of colours and hues are available to match any installation.

Commercial Applications

Mirrored Splash-Back glass has many commercial applications. Bars, Restaurants, hotels, offices, board-rooms - most spaces that look tired and require a fresh injection of life that coloured glass can bring.

If you're looking for a low maintenance solution that will remain in first class condition call for more information on our comprehensive Splash-Back Mirrored Glass range.