Double Glazing Beckenham & Hayes

Double-glazing not only improves the appearance of your home but also reduces outside noise, improves insulation and security.

Double Glazing with Style

We frequently listen to concerns from Beckenham & Hayes residents who wish to have double glazing installed without spoiling the style of their property. First4Glass are able to tailor a glazing package to your exact tastes so that you can conserve the heritage of your home and appreciate the benefits that double glazing has to offer.

Our double glazing is available in variety of materials - u-PVC, Aluminum, Steel and Timber. These are available in a wide variation of colours and styles from traditional double glazing openers to Georgian bars, leaded lights, coloured glass, casement, tilt turn or Victorian sash and steel crittles.

Energy Care Glazing

'A-Rated' Energy Care glazing helps to reduce your heating bills through improved insulation that keeps the cold air out and retaining up to 5 times more heat inside your home compared to standard glazing. The resulting conservation of energy means it's a positive step for the environmentally conscious individual or family.

Security & Maintenance

Multi-point locking windows and doors add an extra layer of security to your home. What's more our PVC-u frames are low maintenance and durable and therefore a secure investment for homeowners.