Conservatories Beckenham & Hayes

A conservatory adds a room and space to your home as well as value making it a sound investment. It can transform the look and shape of your home but perhaps most importantly it can expand your living area and freeing up space in other parts of your home.


A conservatory can serve a myriad of purposes. It is a room that is part of your home and also your garden. During the summer with the doors open the conservatory is an extension of the garden, on other days it's a cosy and comfortable haven in which to enjoy the outdoors with the wind and rain are firmly excluded. A conservatory also creates an ideal area of you home for entertaining guests due to its spacious nature and adds an extra layer of security to your home.

Conservatory Design & Installation

From design and obtaining permission through to installation we can take care of everything on your behalf. Your conservatory can be tailor made to your exact requirements or budget. Not only are our conservatories beautifully styled and skillfully crafted but at Firest4Glass we se high quality materials that are easy to clean and do not rot or rust.

We offer a wide range of finishes and glazing options to complement any style of home including the latest Glass technology which is self- cleaning, improves insulation in the winter yet keeps cool in the summer.