Secondary Glazing Beckenham & Hayes

Secondary glazing is a cost effective alternative to double glazing that offers many of the same benefits. If double gazing is unaffordable or unsuitable (planning permission problems) secondary glazing is a sensible and popular choice.

What is Secondary Glazing?

The Secondary Glazing system adds a second sheet of glass or plastic to an existing window frame. The system improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home resulting in a warmer and more relaxing environment to live in and reduced heating bills.

Retain Your Home's Style

Because the secondary glazing system does not require replacement of your existing glazing or window frames, the style and heritage of your home will remain unspoiled.

Beckenham & Hayes Specialists

First4Glass can help with every stage from planning and advice through to the installation of your secondary glazing system. We have been supplying and fitting secondary glazing in the Beckenham, Hayes and surrounding areas for over ten years so you can rely upon us for a professional and satisfying glazing service.

We offer independent advice on Secondary Glazing without obligation.